Audel Electrician's Pocket Manual

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Audel Electrician's Pocket Manual

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by: Paul Rosenberg

Topics include: standard multiple belts, driven pitch diameter, largest phase conductor, grounded service conductor, equipment surge suppressors, electrical working drawings, specified fuse, grounding electrode conductor, service conductors, kcmil aluminum, disconnecting means, service disconnecting, kcmil copper, wedge belt, bonding jumper, buffer cables, coaxial shafts, overload protective devices, circuit breaker rating, utility company power, approved fittings, parallel misalignment, fish tape, feeder conductors, branch circuit wiring

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Book Description
Your on-the-job reference Now fully updated for the 2002 National Electrical Code, the Electrician s Pocket Manual is packed with charts, conversions, photographs, diagrams, code standards, and other information you need on the job. Find answers quickly and easily Explains updated maintenance and construction standards Provides details on motors, controllers, and circuits Examines electronic components and communications wiring Features 28 pages of drawings, diagrams, and plans Offers guidelines for dealing with hazardous location wiring Covers generators, mechanical power transmission, and electrical power distribution Includes a chapter on tools and safety

Book Info
Pocket-size manual provides directions and suggestions for electrical installations. For electrical installers. Softcover.

First Sentence:
In this handbook for electrical installers you will find a great number of directions and suggestions for electrical installations.


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