Audel HVAC Fundamentals, Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps and Distribution Systems

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Audel HVAC Fundamentals, Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps and Distribution Systems

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by: James E. Brumbaugh

Topics include: electric radiant floor heating, performance indicator light, bypass humidifier, combination water heater, hydronic radiant heating systems, recessed radiation, system blower motor, condensate container, modified fireplace, cooling load estimate, defrost thermostat, floor radiant heating systems, refrigeration generator, instantaneous heat gain, indirect water heaters, motorized zone valve, defrost control, defrost relay, radiant floor heating systems, electric heating mats, evaporator pad, combination gas valve, turbine ventilator, commercial water heaters, ionizing wire

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Book Description
Keep it cool or heat things up This third volume of Audel s HVAC Library gives you a comprehensive, hands-on guide to installing, servicing, and repairing all basic air-conditioning systems in both new and older construction. You ll also find complete coverage of specialized heating units radiators, radiant heating systems, stoves, fireplaces, heat pumps, and indoor/outdoor pool heaters, plus fans, exhaust systems, air filters, and more. It s what you need to complete your HVAC reference library. Make accurate calculations for AC system output Tailor AC systems for older construction Learn to install and service today s popular electronic air cleaners and filters Service less common heating systems such as coal-fired furnaces Install, maintain, and repair humidifiers and dehumidifers Handle radiators, convectors, and baseboard heating units

About the Author
James E. Brumbaugh has spent twenty years in the residential and light commercial construction industry. An accomplished, hands-on educator, he has written more than fifteen books on HVAC, construction, and the building trades.


Old School Information, Nothing New For This Generation! Not a very good book. The author James E. Brumbaugh must be recycling his information from the 1st edition. This book is very old school. The pictures are in black and white and seem to be recycled pictures from HVAC theory back in 1960's era.

I would not recommend purchasing this book. I hope the author's next edition will be in color with more "new school" information such as a "Puron" refridgerant techology, modern day HVAC servicing procedures such as "EPA Section 608" information, and more up to date pictures - take pictures of new housing and commercial construction, factory workers putting units together, and a technician working on a actual unit. James E. Brumbaugh is very "old school".

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