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by: Thomas B. Davis, Carl A. Nelson

Topics include: cased seals, standard multiple belts, tread rise dimension, positive drive belts, side view plane, top view plane, motor feet, bar sag, parallel misalignment, magnetic drill, coupling halves, alarm check valve, cone heater, fastener shank, tension tester, tread run, shaft repair, isometric position, stair length, adapter sleeve, indicator tip, basic toolbox, diametral pitch, heavy series, sheave grooves

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Book Description
This tool needs no maintenance Fully revised and updated, this convenient guide covers the latest industrial equipment as well as all the tools and machines prevalent in older plants, even those from the early 1970s and before. Your complete reference tool Discusses machinery installation, welding, rigging, carpentry, basic electricity, and more Features a chapter on safety issues Covers belts, drives, transmissions, and bearings Examines automatic sprinkler systems Offers tips for preventive maintenance Includes coverage of piping and pipefitting Reviews shop mathematics, geometry, and trigonometry

Book Info
Pocket-size manual provides a reference for maintenance and mechanical craftpersons. Includes information for preventive maintenance and mechanical repair. Softcover.

About the Author
Thomas B. Davis (Newark, DE) is president of Maintenance Troubleshooting, a 25-year old technical trades book re-seller and consulting company. As a mechanical engineer, Tom provides training in the preventive and predictive maintenance fields from the corporate boardroom to the maintenance break room on the shop floor. He has developed unique preventive maintenance products including a coupling alignment kit; a professional dynamic balancing kit, a hand-held balancing computer, and a vibration based tagging kit.


I have to agree with the other reviewers, this book is very handy, and easy to read. It covers quite a lot of ground for a pocket manual, which is great.

There are fifty short chapters in the book, each focused on a different aspect of mechanical trades. Here's the table of contents from my copy of the book:

1. Safety.
2. The Basic Toolbox.
3. Power Tools-Portable.
4. Power Tools-Stationary.
5. Twist Drills.
6. Mechanical Drawing.
7. Electrical Drawing.
8. Isometric Drawing.
9. Single-Line Isometric Pipe Drawing.
10. Sketching.
11. Field Layout.
12. Machinery Installation.
13. Machine Assembly.
14. Use of the Torque Wrench.
15. Torque Specifications.
16. Measurement.
17. Plain Bearings.
18. Anti-Friction Bearings.
19. Life of Anti-Friction Bearings.
20. Installation of Anti-Friction Bearings.
21. Vibration Measurement.
22. Lubrication.
23. Mechanical Power Transmission.
24. Shafting.
25. Flat Belts.
26. V-Belts.
27. Positive-Drive Belts.
28. Chain Drives.
29. Gear Drives.
30. Shaft Couplings.
31. Screw Threads.
32. Mechanical Fasteners.
33. Gaskets, Packing, and Mechanical Seals.
34. Pumps.
35. Fans.
36. Basic Electricity.
37. AC Motors.
38. Preventive Maintenance of Equipment.
39. Structural Steel.
40. Welding.
41. Rigging.
42. Hand Signals for Cranes and Hoists.
43. Piping and Pipefitting.
44. Steam Traps.
45. Steam Piping.
46. Automatic Sprinkler Systems.
47. Carpentry.
48. Shop Mathematics.
49. Shop Geometry.
50. Shop Trigonometry.

Audel books have been around forever, but I could never find a revision, at least not of this really well-known book for my toolbox. I had an old copy, but it was really out of date. I'm recommending this new one to all the other guys in the shop!

this book contains a ton of quick references for alot of things you will use if your in the mechanical trades, or industrial maintenance. some of them are, drawing and print sysmbols, all about belts, chains, gears and couplings, seals, bearings, and pumps, rigging information and techniques,piping andallowances for elbows, couplings, unions ect, sprinkler systems, and a whole lot of other references to other things i cant list here because of time. im in industrial maintenance and i know ill use mine alot. its also very easy to read and understand.

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