Audel Pipefitter's and Welder's Pocket Manual

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Audel Pipefitter's and Welder's Pocket Manual

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by: Charles N. McConnell

Topics include: grooved piping, refrigerant shortage, boiler water line, piping trades, arc wandering, superheat setting, wet return, torch barrel, hydrostatic strength, first radiator, line pinched, solvent cementing, float trap, position weld, air separator, neutral flame, foam concentrate, welding tip, grooving tool, welding current, root pass, filler rod, hot water heating system, refrigerant charge, deluge system

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Book Description
This little book is big on answers Whether you re an apprentice in the piping trades or a seasoned tradesperson, you ll find this completely revised and updated guide has answers to the questions you ll encounter on the job. Get current, concise facts on Metrics and conversions Tungsten inert gas welding and arc welding Steam heating, hot water, refrigeration, and air conditioning systems Grooved end/plain end piping systems Process piping using plastics Automatic fire protection systems Terms, BTU fuel values, abbreviations, angle calculations, and more

Book Info
Pocket-size manual serves to acquaint high-school students with the advantages of a career as a worker in the piping trades. Also serves as a reference for workers in the pipe-fitting trades who encounter problems on the job. Softcover.

About the Author
Charles N. McConnell has been a member of the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing, Pipefitting, Sprinkler Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada for over 60 years and has trained many apprentices to the piping trades. He has supervised and installed gas and oil-fired steam and hot-water heating systems and air conditioning installations at Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana, and plumbing installations in schools, public buildings, and manufacturing facilities. He has supervised and installed process piping installations. He is the author of Home Plumbing Handbook (Delmar Education), the three volume Plumbers and Pipefitters Library (Macmillan), and other books related to the plumbing and pipefitting trades.

First Sentence:
The purpose of this book is twofold: (1) to acquaint high-school students with the advantages of a career as a worker in the piping trades, (2) to serve as a reference for workers in the pipe-fitting trades who encounter problems on the job.


I always have this book near me at work. It's an excellent reference, particularly if you're in your first few years in the trade.

The book has seventeen chapters, plus an appendix. Here's the table of contents from my copy of the book:

1. Math and Metrics.
2. Calculating Offsets.
3. Pipe Welding with Oxyacetylene and Arc.
4. Automatic Fire Protection Systems.
5. Steam Heating Systems.
6. Hot-Water Heating Systems.
7. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.
8. Process Piping Using Plastics.
9. Grooved-End and Plain-End Piping Systems.
10. Learning to Use an Instrument Level.
11. Pneumatic Control Systems.
12. Gas Piping.
13. Tungsten Inert Gas Welding.
14. Trouble-Shooting Tips for Arc Welding.
15. Pipe Welders' Definitions.
16. Definitions of Heating and Air Conditioning Terms.
17. Glossary of Terms Relating to Plastic Piping.

I've been waiting for a revision of this Audel book for almost 10 years, and it's finally here! I always have a devil of a time finding any useful books about my trade-pipe fitting. The only thing I ever found was the old edition of this book, I guess that reviewer who wrote that review dated 2000 was talking about the old edition because the new one just came out-in late 2003. And what an improvement. I'm giving one to each guy on my crew!

Although the information in this book is factual, I find that the contents do not match the name of the book. Most of the information should already be known to the tradesman. When looking at a pocket manuel, I am looking for quick referances, pre-figured math tables, and or drawings. A better title for this book would be, Pipefitter's and welder's pocket manuel for beginer's.

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