Turbine and Paddle Wheel Flow Meters and Flow Switches: Types and How To Select

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A flow meter or flow switch is rarely used as a standalone component (i.e., the flow-meter itself). For best performance, it must integrated in a system consisting of the flow-meter itself and amplifiers and signal conditioners.

  • Turbine Meters: The most popular way to measure flow electronically. Turbine meters offer flows for wide range of applications. Turbine meters are easy to maintain, rugged and versatile.
  • Positive Displacement Flowmeters for High-Viscosity Fluids: Well suited for viscous fluids which are hard to meter with turbine-type flowmeters. Superb for a wide range of flow-measurement applications, such as oil flow. Available for a wide range of fluid viscosities.
  • Paddlewheel Sensors, Transmitters and Systems: Sensing, monitoring and control in one simple system – examine several different options to get the right system for your application.
  • Low-Flow Sensors: Designed and engineered for accurate low flow measurement of liquids, available in materials for any environment where low flow conditions are found.
  • Signal Conditioners: Convert flow reading to clean analog output signals for easy analysis.
  • Power Supplies: Simple to full-featured solutions to excitation problems. Power must but clean (noise-free). See this page for more details.
  • Amplifiers: Amplifiy low-level signals by a factor of up to a hundred or more in order to drive any flow meter, counter or controller.

How to Select:

When shopping for a flow switch or flow meter, know your application-specific criteria. e.g.,:

  • Maximum Flow Rate: in ft3/min or gal/min in mediums such as Air, Water, Oil
  • Minimum Accuracy: 2%, 5%, 10,% 25%,
  • Maximum Pressure: 100psi, 200psi, 300psi, 1000psi, 5000psi (or equiv. in Bar or Atm)
  • Maximum Temperature: 65°C (149°F), 90°C (194°F), 100°C (212°F), 115°C (239°F), 315°C (599°F)
  • Style: Mechanical, Thermal

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