Design and Analysis of Control Systems

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Design and Analysis of Control Systems
Design and Analysis of Control Systems

by: Arthur G.O. Mutambara

Topics include: state space design methods, root locus design methods, simple pole factor, response design methods, translational mechanical system, backward rectangular rule, rotational mechanical system, independent energy storing elements, dynamic system response, root locus form, root locus gain, signal flow chart, forward rectangular rule, desired motor speed, motor position control, integrator factor, interconnection laws, diagonal canonical form, controllable canonical form, transfer function with respect, decentralized estimation, motor speed control system, advanced control systems, observable canonical form, observability grammian

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" Develops mathematical models for a variety dynamical systems, including mechanical, electrical, mechatronic, thermal, fluid, and hydraulic

" Illustrates how system models are used to study the system behavior and response, and how to use the models to effect system control

" Includes numerous figures and worked examples that demonstrate the application of concepts to different fields of engineering

" Uses MATLAB extensively to solidify a thorough understanding of computer implementation of control systems

" Employs "just in time" learning-introduces and develops concepts as they become relevant

" Contains all the relevant principles-standard through advanced-in one book

Written to inspire and cultivate the ability to design and analyze feasible control algorithms for a wide range of engineering applications, this comprehensive text covers the theoretical and practical principles involved in the design and analysis of control systems. From the development of the mathematical models for dynamic systems, the author shows how they are used to obtain system response and facilitate control, then addresses advanced topics, such as digital control systems, adaptive and robust control, and nonlinear control systems.

Table of Contents

An Introduction to Control Systems

Modeling of Dynamic Systems

Dynamic System Response

Characteristics of Feedback Control Systems

Root Locus Design Methods

Frequency Response Design Methods

State Space Design Methods

Digital Control Systems

Advanced Control Systems

Plus each chapter contains a summary and problems

Section A: Laplace and Z-Transforms

Section B: MATLAB Basics and Exercises




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