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Advanced DC drive from Polyspede

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2006 10:36 pm Post subject: Advanced DC drive from Polyspede Reply with quote

The Speedster from Polyspsede is a Digital DC Drives that come with an extensive range of standard software blocks. It can control demanding motion-control tasks. Designed for industrial applications, Spedester operates on three phase 230, 460, 575 VAC input.

5 - 350 HP
Input: 230 VAC + 10%, 3, 50/60Hz + 5%
Output: 0-240 VDC armature, 150VDC field

Input: 460 VAC + 10%, 3, 50/60Hz + 5%
Output: 0-500 VDC armature, 300VDC field

Overload Capacity:
150% for 25 seconds

Armature Voltage:
1.2 times VAC Supply

Field Voltage:
Fully configurable, 0 to 0.9 x Aux. AC Supply

Torque (current) limit:
Adjustable from 0 to 150% of rating.

Analog Inputs:
8 in total, resolution 5mV+sign,
All inputs are fully configurable,
have programmable thresholds,
have four voltage ranges (5/10/20/30V),
have over voltage protection,
also can be used as digital i/p's.

Analogue Outputs:
4 in total, resolution 2.5mV+sign,
one armature current output,
three fully configurable,
all outputs have short circuit protection.

Digital Inputs:
17 in total, all are fully configurable.

Digital Output:
7 in total, max 32V, - 350mA,
All are fully configurable,
short circuit protected,
over temperature & over voltage protected.

Speed Regulation:
(percent of base speed with 95% load change)
+ 2.0% with armature feedback
+ 0.1% with tachometer feedback.

Interline device networks,
High energy MOV's
Instantaneous over-current
Field failure & over-current
Motor over temperature
Thyrister stack over-temperature
Mains supply phase loss
Mains synchronization loss
Armature over-volts
Speed feedback failure
Stall protection
Standstill logic
Thyrister "trigger" failure
Digital output short circuit

Standard Software Functions:
Full suite of centre winding macros
Motorized pot simulator with memory
2 x PID's (undedicated)
2 x Summers (undedicated)
2 x Filters (undedicated)
Delay timer
Current Profiling
Spindle Orientation
Jog/Crawl functions
Dual Motor swap
Linear or S ramp
Slack take up
Batch counter
Auto self-tune current loop
3 user programmable drive configurations.

All analog input & output voltages,
All digital input & output states,
Tachometer voltage
Motor armature voltage
Output power,
AC supply voltage,
First fault latched and automatically displayed,
Fault automatically saved at power off.

Dimensions & Weight:
3 - 30 HP, 230 VAC:
5 - 60 HP, 460 VAC:
11.4" (H) x 8.5" (W) x 6.9" (D)
Weight: 11 lbs

40 - 75 HP, 230 VAC:
75 - 150 HP, 460 VAC
16.1" (H) x 8.5" (W) x 8.6" (D)
Weight: 25 lbs

100 - 150 HP, 230 VAC:
200 - 350 HP, 230 VAC
19.9" (W) x 8.5" (H) x 11.6" (D)
Weight: 38 lbs
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