Spherical Robots

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A spherical robot is shown in the picture in ill. 1. A diagram for this type of robot is shown in ill. 2. From this picture and diagram notice that the robot can move approximately 210° at its base, and its arm has up-and-down and in-and-out movements (extension and retraction). These movements allow the robot to easily reach every point in its envelope. Notice that the physical shape of the work envelope for this type of robot is spherical, which gives this classification its name.

Above: ill.1 Picture of spherical robot.

Above: ill.2 Diagram of spherical robot.

This type of robot is now combined with multiple joints like a human (waist, upper arm, and wrist) to give it a greater range of motion so it can move its end effector into more locations.

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Jointed Spherical (Articulated Arm) Robots

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